Wednesday, August 9 2017, 14:44

Van Dijk formally requests a transfer, insulting Southampton's footsteps

Another move is recorded by the tattered saga for Dutch footman Virgil van Dijk. Yesterday, Southampton submitted a formal transfer request. She was offended by the indignation that she refused to train, even the club's plans to fine him, and now she feels he has no choice but to develop elsewhere ...

"The club's opinion that I'm not for sale has left me frustrated and I'm disappointed that the club is constantly rejecting numerous queries from leading clubs," he said in a letter to a 26-year-old defender, Liverpool, Chelsea and Manchester City.

"As a proud professional, I was offended by speculation that it was me who refused to coach with the team," Van Dijk said, telling the club about his intention to make a new call, told several times over the past six months.

The footballer, who only signed a new six-year contract with Saints last May 2016, said he wanted to develop himself with the progressive club, as the primary reason for filing a formal application, states Southampton's plans to award him a two-week salary that the player considers unfair .