Friday, February 24 2017, 20:49

MFK Karviná - FK Mladá Boleslav

Ambitious Mlada Boleslav retracts the first spring match at ground Karvina, who will want to reciprocate unexpected defeat in the first match. Mlada Boleslav on the bench for the first time introduces coach Martin Svědík.

Karvina as a rookie competition experienced very successful autumn and although currently basking in Kenya soccer betting seventh position, its main preseason goal remains the same - as quickly as possible to save the highest competition. "Spring portion will be hugely difficult, we must all make every effort for us in every match did a hundred percent power and I am convinced that the objective we have set ourselves at the beginning of the season, and it's rescue, we will meet," he said at a press conference sports Director Lubomir Vlk.

Domestic autumn showed that, especially at home are a very difficult opponent. The new stadium won four times, tied twice, and in two cases the points reached. On the uniqueness of the home environment will bet in the match against favored Mlada Boleslav, which in one mutual match had beaten. "Everyone is looking forward to the first match. I will repeat, but I hope it will be really crowded and people Enjoy football and we'll give them Sunday afternoon in a beautiful gift," said the excited goalkeeper Jan Lastuvka.

Mlada Boleslav at the end of the autumn perhaps somewhat surprisingly withdrew coach Leos Kalvoda and his place brought Martin Svědík. This season, it goes for the third trainer. Demands and goals of Mlada Boleslav, however, remain the same. "The way we play is successful, but challenging. The current team is composed, as we have with the leadership of the club said. Sporting goals are the same as in previous years, that means sticking to the forefront and on the heels of those who ahead. in the league Cup and we want to do the best possible result and confirm the ambition to participate in the European Cup, "said Martin Svědík he waits sharp premiere. But his team fully believes. "Mančaft is ready physically and playroom well. It will be important now, as what we have with the players natrénovali, reflected on the pitch in certain matches. Do we go with everyone that we want to win," he added Svědík.

Karvina can not count on the newcomers Kalabiškou Agreement (between clubs), but otherwise has a coach Jozef Weber provides a complete squad. The same can not be said about Martin Svědík. Injuries are Chramosta attackers with sausage and changing defensive support Kysela with the Council are in convalescence. catch n