Wednesday, August 9 2017, 14:40

Atalanta enters the season as owner of the stadium in Bergamo

Atalanta has reached a successful ending process, at the end of which it is only the fourth Italian first-league club, which is home to 100 per cent. The club has been a favorite on the arena's gain since May, and in the next two months it has to present plans for reconstruction ...

Atalanta has been preparing for her first season in European Cups since 1990/91 and is therefore truly spectacular. Upon payment of the alleged 8.6 million euros, which represents a 10% increase in the amount originally requested, the Stadio Atleti Azzurri d'Italia now belongs to the Bergamo group.

Last season's Serie A team also committed to cover 2.6million spending on the last two-year stadium work. In the near future, then, one tribune will be renovated, commercial buildings will be built around the stand and a network of sidewalks and cycling routes will be created.

With the acquisition of the arena for 21,000 spectators, Atalanta, which has been a part of the first Italian league since 2011, is now only Serie A, who is in full possession of its home stadium, after Juventus, Sassuolu and Udinese. AS Roma is also looking for the same thing in the future.