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When asked about his favorite player Peter Crouch responds without hesitation

When asked about his favorite player Peter Crouch responds without hesitation: "Ronaldo. Which Brazilian. An incredible footballer. I did once met in Ibiza while on vacation, at the club. It is the only person to whom I could go and ask for a photo. And so it did. And in my head I thought: "I wonder if he knows who I am?" And no, he had no idea. "

It is strange to hear such words from a modest, perhaps the most recognizable human past decades. And really, who does not know Crouch - and who does not know Crouch? The two-meter giant, ten years ago, he fought at the World Cup with the national team of England. He is remembered fans "Liverpool" and "sink", he made history by scoring his hundredth goal in "Everton". And he said appropriately - its corona "dancing robot", which at one time was the meme of the Internet even before the term came into use. 1486199406_miranchuk_2.jpg

During his career, Crouch has made many achievements. Not long ago, he received a letter from Richard Scudamore (Executive Director of the Premier League - author's note.) With congratulations after his four hundredth match in the league. "Nice gesture - but still pleasant enclosed 5 thousand pounds that I could spend on any charity.. I chose Children's Fund - have always tried to help children who are not lucky in life. Everyone should have a chance in life. "

Yes, when Peter first entered the field of nuclear submarines in the "Aston Villa" in 2002, he did not think that play at least another 399 times.

"...- I was far from the level of the Premier League player - recognized striker. - You see, there are those who are ready in 18 years. I was 21, and I still had the same soggy. Physically, I was just out of place. In the Championship I was not bad, but there I was not opposed to Tony Adams and Sol Campbell. If then they told me how much I play in the top flight, I would not have believed .... "

Indeed, there is nothing to hide - the appearance Crouch always singled out from the rest. As soon as he put on a T-shirt Youth "CRC" command, as he immediately began to read, as it is too high, too thin and did not fit in the players.

Beyond fashion. "Robot" Crouch took place and is ready to restart tantsevat

"...- Back in school, I got used to the constant mockery. At first I reacted badly, and often doubted himself. But it is worth at least once to go to the national team as everything takes on a new perspective. Yes, my own fans booed during my debut. It must be endured, as if everything was either ridiculous. It is worth to play at such a level as you begin to realize that it's just the people who have their own opinion.