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The fact that the Premier League is no longer played by Dimitri Payet

The fact that the Premier League is no longer played by Dimitri Payet, who spent the last Premier League draw clearly the status of one of the main creatives championship - a definite minus for English football fans. However, for the fans, "West Ham" the French midfielder in a moment become a real rogue, showing gross disrespect for the club, boycotting decision management "Hammers" do not let one of its main assets to another team. The result of this transfer, "Santa Barbara" - Payet achieved the desired, badly tarnished his reputation and "West Ham" has tempered his anger through a solid financial payment received from the French side.

Transfer Dimitri Payet from the "West Ham" in "Marseille" among the top three most expensive transactions concluded dozayavok five strongest European championships.

Memphis Depay

From / To: "Manchester United" - "Lion" Price: 16 million euros.

Transfers of January. England for the first time in history "in the black", "Chelsea" has earned more than anyone else, Allardyce - chief for "launder" denegFoto: club's official website 1486199354_miranchuk_1.jpg

Depa and failed to become the "new Ronaldo" to "Old Trafford", conducted in the camp of "Devils" only 33 matches for the half year, which was able to distinguish the two hammered balls. It is difficult to say why the Dutchman has not been able to fully demonstrate their capabilities in the strongest league in the world, although its potential is really enormous. Maybe blame the Premier League level. Or maybe blame is entirely himself, unable to cope with the stellar life. Whatever it was, but last year in a T-shirt with a seven on his back magical run is not a rising star in his country, and confused boy, unnecessarily trying to beat the opponent, and again and again lost the ball.

Louis van Gaal clashed with DEPA and Mourinho said that Memphis is not so bad: "He has the potential to become a fantastic player. But in the "MJ" there were seven players on the two positions. He had no chance, despite his hard work in training. " The Dutchman only 22 years and at his age, the main thing - to play regularly for further progress, so the transition to the "Lion" is a definite plus for the career of a talented boy.

Also pay attention:

- Branislav Ivanovic (from the "Chelsea" in the "Zenith", a free agent);

- Odion Igalo (from "Watford" in "Changchun Yatai" EUR 23.3 million.);

- Gerard Deulofeu (from "Everton" in the "Milan", rent price of 700 thousand euros.);

- Bojan Krkic (from "Stoke City" in the "Mainz", rent);

- John Obi Mikel (of "Chelsea" in "Tianjin Teda," free agent).

Analyst company Deloitte, providing services in audit, tax and consulting, said the distribution of transfer spending by niche as one of the most remarkable moments dozayavok. Thus, the first six Premier League clubs - "Chelsea", "Tottenham", "Liverpool", "Arsenal", "Manchester United" and "Manchester City" - were modest, making the experience of previous years, which is insane January transitions to anything no good result. Middle peasants and outsiders, unlike grants, hurled millions of the right and left. The team eventually included in the lower half of the current standings of the Premier League table, made in the total amount of transfer costs 145 million. Pounds. Six clubs trailing roster, namely: "Middlesbrough", "Crystal Palace", "Swansea", "Lester", "Hull City" and "Sunderland" - contributed 50% of the total expenditure part.