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Crouch admits that for a long time used the negative emotions in order to get better

Crouch admits that for a long time used the negative emotions in order to get better. Throughout his career, he proved to skeptics that they are wrong. "When I was young, I was surrounded by strong personalities - such as my father. That helped. Sometimes, when I let down his hand, and did not believe in their future, but I believe the other, and in this I was lucky. I had to develop a defense mechanism. I learned to laugh at themselves and be responsible to them that hate the same. " 1486226072_kerj_zenit.jpg It is no secret that Crouch could always with humor about life, and even the most serious questions, he answers succinctly and wittily. "Brekzit" Trump - he is not afraid of no questions: "I know that many people are afraid of Trump as hell, but everyone deserves a chance, so give it time. The same applies to Europe - let's wait and see. "

Generally a very cheerful person, always Crouch away vytvorit something sort. Most recently, for example, rolling it in the hands of the audience during a Kasabian gig. "I like Kasabian. How not to love? "

Beyond fashion. "Robot" Crouch took place and is ready to restart tantsevat

Maybe he does not like to take very seriously himself, but to his profession Crouch suitable responsibly. Even in the 36 years he was in a hurry to the gym, like the green academy graduate, eager to get into the base.

"...- When I started playing, all thought to finish his career at 31, 32. I have long passed this threshold. I train every day and still get great pleasure from this. I'm here this morning work out. To score the ball into the goal or two - what could be better ... "?

Trite, but the goals remain his favorite thing in football. He says that he remembers his every ball - especially they scored a goal, "Manchester City" in 2012. Then he demonstrated his full arsenal and equipment, checking out blow in the summer, which was worthy to be called the best of the season.

Crouch does not hide the fact that it would be hard to take on the role of the reserve, but he was not discouraged, and the result is obvious - in December last year by the figures in the Premier League 100 goals separated his four goals. It has nothing at all, and he is already thinking about new developments.

According to him, he is not afraid of age, because that has never been famous for speed. "I spoke with the coach (Mark Hughes), and he convinced me that I, like him, to finish up to 40".

You can laugh at the awkward figure of how much you want, but Crouch himself has long learned to enjoy her, "I love to eat, I love Italian food. I was lucky - never had to watch my weight. In the summer I can relax, even less to do, and have, as you wish. I come back to training with the same weight, whatever is done. And believe me, a lot of it is very annoying. You can not imagine how I look at Charlie Adam .... "

Beyond fashion. "Robot" Crouch took place and is ready to restart tantsevat

Peter is sure that much more ahead of him, but admits that football is constantly changing. What has changed?

"Now ...- culture headphones. Previously, players are talking to each other. I remember how it all began to change with the advent of portable DVD-players. Everyone started to sit in the headphones, and it affected the spirit of partnership. However, I will not hide the fact that in the "sink" is still often play cards. However, the organization is held on one to me. "