A levels check. UCAS form check. Required grade check.
Time to collect together overdraft, laptop, ipod, potplant.
Time to go it alone with cooking, dating, studying.
Time to take faith out of its comfort zone...
and into Fresher's week.


Welcome to FRESHPACE which provides resources to support the FRESH book.
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FRESH provides daily inspirations for new students covering everything from writing essays to writing home, from making friends to making the grade, from debt to dating. FRESH offers a challenging introduction to maintaining a strong personal Christian faith but keeps its main emphasis on discovering how Christian students can make the most of their faith, relationships and studies.

"As fresh as its title, this is a brilliant introduction to student life, in accessible, daily bite-size chunks of Christian wisdom. Down to earth and thoroughly realistic, its focus is 100% Biblical and its tone positive and up-beat, full of practical tips and encouragement. Every Christian student needs to read it!"
David Jackman, President, The Proclamation Trust


"Fresh is quite unlike anything I have read before. I remember expressing frustration at the lack of good books aimed at the student market two years ago and I think my prayers have now been answered. Krish has touched on every challenge facing Christian students today with grace, wisdom, humour and great biblical insight."
Will Van der Hart, Associate Vicar, St Mary's Bryanston Square, London

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